History Book Lists

History Book Lists

Book Lists for History

If you need a specific Reading or Literature curriculum, see my Reading & Literature Page for that list.

Links to books lists by historical period

 link to each history period and link great books post

Places to get Reading List | Book Lists that cover all range of topics:

All Through the Ages History Through Literature Reading Guide

Reading List from Heart of Dakota

Classics in Literature Reading List

Recommended AP Reading List for the college-bound student

High School Literature for the Reluctant Readers - has a list for both American and World Literature

Reading List for the College-Bound High Schooler - this is an awesome reading list broken down by American Literature, World Literature, Reluctant Readers,  and more! She even includes a printable book list!

American Literature and World Literature reading lists from Sonlight - same as with Heart of Dakota, although you may not use their packages, it's still a great place to get ideas for your booklist.

History Reading List

The following reading lists are from packaged/boxed curriculum and even if you don't use their packages, you can still get great book lists suggestions

World History Reading List from Heart of Dakota - has a great list of books from their history living book selections. Even if you don't use them, it's worth looking at their book lists for suggestions.

US History Part 1 and US History Part 2, both from Hearth of Dakota, also have great living library reading lists and literature lists to give you ideas even if you don't use their packages.

Modern History Reading List from Heart of Dakota

Literature Study Pages from Notebooking Pages.com is a great tool for analyzing and annotating literature. They also have book report forms, summary pages, vocabulary pages, and much more!

Literature Study Pages Book List Reading List


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