How to Make A DIY Fort Kit in a Bag

How to Make A DIY Fort Kit in a Bag

DIY Fort Kit in a Bag 

My boys love building forts! They will go outside and spend hours finding the perfect sticks for building their play fort then come inside and drag out my sheets and blankets. They use their walkie talkies and pretend play army gear to act as spy agents being taken over. 

With all this fun comes misplaced toys and lost walkie talkies, so me and my mom got together to make bags that will hold all their fort play items.

I saw the idea on Pinterest, where there are lots more ideas, and it has been the prefect solution. No more lost items, no more using my linens and no more fighting over who lost what.

Each bag is made as a backpack for easy carrying, has their initials on it, and holds all the things a kid needs to build his very own shelter fort to watch out for intruders.

Inside the fort kit bag: 

  • Bed sheets I no longer use and some picked up from Goodwill
  • Flash lights, bungee cords, some spy kits, and magnifying glasses that I purchased from Dollar Tree
  • Night vision binoculars with head lights
  • Walkie talkies, pretend play army gear, and a plastic sword or nerf gun

Making the fort kit bag: 

I went to my mom to help with making these, but she did most of the work, while I watched! I used thick fleece in two different colors. Fleece is a heavy material that can easily be washed.

After we finished the bags, I stuffed each one with the all the items and gave them to the boys for Christmas. They loved them! Mission accomplished, mom of the year and I no longer have household items go missing!

These are some step-by-step photos of sewing and assembling the bags.

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