Memory Work Review Games

Jeopardy - this is my boys favorite! They just love competing with each other. The above picture is my homemade jeopardy board. I taped two poster boards together, added pockets and laminated the entire thing. I don't have all of my cards made for Ancient World yet, but I will definitely share them when they are ready!

US States Jeopardy Cards

 Memory Work Review Games

 Digging Up Greece board Game

Science Adventures in Antarctica

The Periodic Table Game

Sheppard Software Online Games

Complete the Chain Review Game

Zap It! Game

Bucket Toss Game - this can also be created using empty coffee containers with subject labels. Toss a small object into them and answer a memory question for the subject it landed in.

Global Twister - this is a fun game! and you can do so many other things with a large map. Label continents, oceans, war zones, famous routes, US states, countries, etc.....

Twister Words - what a great idea! This can be adapted for memory work by writing the subjects in the circles and either tossing a ball and answering questions or play twister and answer the question based on where you land.

Will the Winner Loose?

Jenga Game - Three From the DRC has a great idea for a different version to play.

Nerf Gun or Stick Gun (one of those that shoot the suction sticky thingies) - make a grid on a whiteboard with the subjects written in, then shoot the gun at the squares. You can also shoot the gun at a map and name the location it lands on.

Bingo! - you will need to scroll down a bit on her page to find the game.

Math Games - Three From the DRC has TONS of great ideas for math games.

Reading Game

Latin Board Game - She uses this for Visual Latin but it looks like it can be adapted for Latin memory work.

Bean Bag Toss - the numbers can be replaced with Subject.

Ectomy: A Game About Brain Parts

Bazinga - this looks like alot of fun. The cards can be adapted to your home and your kids.

Popsicle Stick Can - Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood has tons of game ideas. Be prepared to stay a while when you explore her site:)

Beach Ball Review Game

Dice Review Game

Memory Work Review Games to play outside

Toss in a Square - this can be any number of things. I have seen people take shower curtains, cut them in half and draw a tic-tac-toe grid with a black marker. Label each square with a subject, which will leave you with 2 blank, so use those for FREE spots and then kids pick the subject. You can toss anything onto the grid: bean bags, frisbee, blocks, your brother......

Kick the Ball - I bought a white soccer ball and wrote the subjects inside the little octogan shaped spaces. The boys throw it to each other and their question is based on where the thumb lands.

Ping Pong Toss - great game for learning site words or numbers and letters for little ones BUT this can ALSO be used to practice your timeline! Write dates on the ping pong balls, call out a timeline event and have them race to be the first to toss the correct one.  This can also be a really fun water game. Set the ping pong balls up and have them squirt the correct ball. What fun! I will be adding this to our outside games!

 These links and ideas are listed by subject.  


Pronoun File Folder Game

Matching Game


Activity for practicing Linking Verbs

Prepositions Practice Packet

Grammar Minibook


Creation Lapbook

Ten Commandments Lapbook


12 Tribes of Israel File Folder Game

Ten Commandments File Folder Game

Books of the Bible Folding Sticks

Books of the Bible Cards

Write memory verses on these cards to read each day

Illustrate Bible Memory Verses

Copywork for memorizing Proverbs

Biblical Coloring Pages


Timeline Hedbanz

The Timeline Project

Book of Centuries

Guesthollow Timeline

Free Timeline Cards

Timeline Race - Mix up timeline cards & have kids put them in order.

Timeline Match Up - Match the dates to the picture..


Math Drills

Math Foldable

Free Skip Counting Drill Sheets

Free Multiplication Copywork Sheets

Fiddle Sticks

Multiplication Wheels

Skip Counting Charts

Multiplication Worksheets

Dice / Domino Math Sheets

Multiplication Charts

Use large cut numbers (or any kind of numbers) and put in skip counting order.

Skip Counting Charts (scroll down page)


History Sentence Lapbook

King Tut Drawing

The Vedas of Ancient India

The Hindu Holy Trinity

History Coloring Pages


Solar System Cards

"Ectomy" A Game About Brain Parts

Body Bingo

The Circulation Game

Periodic Table Lapbook

Animal Classification Lapbook

Human Body Paper Dolls

Vertebrate Cut & Sort

Planet Riddles

Life Size Human Body & Parts Puzzle - Make a life size body by tracing your child on butcher paper & make cut-outs of body parts using this file (scroll down for a pdf version) then place body parts in correct position.

Make playdoh models of body parts.

Great site for learning about body parts

Coloring Pages for body parts

Ocean Zones Foldable

The Five Kingdoms of Living Things Activity

My Body Unit for younger kids

Foldables to help with Cell Parts, Body Parts & Plant Parts

Great site for information about Earths components. Print the pictures and do a cut & paste with labels or copy the pictures by drawing and labeling.

Foldable for Cloud Types


Continents & Oceans Printables

Geography Cards

Shutterfold Maps

Country Cards

Landforms Cut & Glue

Bodies of Water Picture Cards

Salt Dough Maps

Memorizing Maps

How to make a continent map

Map Trek: Ancient World

National Geographic Mapmaker

Your Child Learns - (1) Map Match - print off a large size map, laminate it & place on wall or floor & have kids place labels of country names, bodies of water, landforms, etc in correct area. (2) Map Puzzle -  print off 2 copies of the same map (1 blank, 1 labeled) & laminate both. Use 1 for a base map and cut up the other into puzzle pieces.


Ancient Indus Valley Map

Make a Geography Map Book

Maps of Different Countries

Tutorial for making a large Felt Map with pictures to place on it.

World Atlas Maps is a great resource for printing maps.

Psalms & Poetry

Psalm 121.doc

Psalm 28.doc

The Charge Of The Light Brigade

memory verses



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