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Why is Studying Latin Important?

What are the benefits to studying Latin? It is a dead language. Why should I bother teaching my kids a language no one speaks anymore? This is a good question and I am going to give you several reasons why teaching Latin is a great choice for your homeschool study.

Latin is not a "dead" language, it was actually reborn into the 5 Romance Languages that are Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese and Romanian. And 90% of their vocabulary comes from Latin! So studying any of these language after learning Latin will be super easy.

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Learning Latin in Our Homeschool

I have always taught my kids using the classical education method so learning Latin has always been a part of our daily routine. My oldest son is graduating this upcoming year and he went through Classical Conversations for a while before we decided to stop. He memorized all the Latin terms in Foundations, then used Henle Latin in the Challenge program before moving onto Spanish. Having learned Latin first definitely helped him with his Spanish.

My 10th grader didn't go through the Challenge program so we used Latin for Children Primer A, B, and C with him and he will be moving on to Spanish this upcoming year. My two younger ones will be in 3rd and 4th grade this upcoming year and we will work on memorizing Latin noun endings. I would normally start them in Song School Latin at this age, but my 4th grader is severely dyslexic so we are focusing on his reading and phonics right now.

What Are the Benefits of Studying Latin?

Over the years, as my boys have studied Latin, I have seen the benefits of it in their studies of other subjects and in their test scores. These are some of the benefits from studying Latin:

  • Develop a better understanding of the English language. This increases their skills in grammar, writing, reading and vocabulary.
  • A better appreciation for history and great literature.
  • Increased standardized test scores.
  • Increased vocabulary. (The English vocabulary is made up of Latin words and roots).
  • It trains and develops the mind. They become better thinkers.
  • Science, Math, the Law and Theology all have words derived from Latin. Understanding Latin gives them a better understanding of these subjects as well.
  • Develop an interest in words.

These are just a few of many reasons to learn Latin. I have found it beneficial for my kids. We start our memorizing with Latin noun endings and declensions and move on from there. I will have a Memory Work series coming out soon and will post a free printable each day of memory work. One of those will be some Latin Memory Work cards. If you are subscribed to my blog, you will be notified of the series once it comes out. If you are already studying Latin, I have some Latin Vocabulary Flash Cards available that could help you in your studies. A great resource website is Half-A-Hundred Acre Wood. Brandy has a wealth of resources for Latin!

If you need curriculum suggestions for Latin:

Benefits of Studying Latin Reasons to Learn Latin

Benefits and Reasons of Studying Latin

You can also check out my Latin Vocabulary Flash Cards here!

Latin Vocabulary Cards by

Do you study Latin with your kids? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think about studying Latin.

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