Resources for Timelines

Resources for Timelines

Do you use timelines with your history study? We do! In fact, we have 3 different timelines - one on the wall, an index card timeline and a notebook timeline. It is a great way for kids to visualize the flow of historical events. I have created 2 different timelines for you to download and use. The first one is a timeline with a map for placing the locations of the events & people on the page. We use this one in our notebook timeline.

Timelines by

The second one I created are timeline strips. I  use these on my wall timeline. Simply print out multiple pages of the strips, cut them out and place next to each other on your board. I have a black and white version if you need to save ink and a version with several different colors. The different colors can be used to separate the different time periods, such as, using blue for Ancient History, yellow for Medieval History, red for American History and so on.  

Timelines by

When we first started homeschooling, I had no idea what a timeline was, much less ever used one.  So I started researching and looking at other people's timelines and because I am such a visual person, I feel in love with the idea! We first started using The Timeline Project from Brandenburg Studies, which I really liked, but then we switched to a wall timeline and a notebook timeline. I used the timeline from Grapevine Studies for a while because I really liked the scroll paper but I have recently switched to a poster board timeline due to lack of space in our small home. The poster board takes up less room and it hangs right in our line of sight when doing school work.

I have compiled a list of resources to share with you. Hopefully there are enough resources here to help anyone with a timeline!

Timeline Resources

Cindy at Our Jounrey Westward explains Why Timelines Matter

Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood is a great go-to resource for timelines

Notebooking has great timeline notebook pages

Guest Hollow has a wealth of information on their site for creating timelines

PrintNPractice has an informative post on keeping a timeline

Adventures in Mommydom shows us how to make a reusable timeline

Timeframe's Blog has a great idea for playing timeline games

Kindred Blessings shares a great wall timeline

Teaching Stars has a great post on creating a clothesline timeline

clothesline timeline

The Notebooking Fairy has some unique free timeline printables

The Monarch Room has a great timeline post with free printables

How to use a timeline for narrations is a great way to incorporate timelines in a history study

Create a free Book of Centuries at Simply Charlotte Mason

Homeschooling Hearts and Minds has a free ancient history timeline printable

timeline notebooking pages

and a middles ages timeline printable

Middle Ages Timeline-001[5]

Oklahoma Homeschool has a free timeline template

The Good, the Bad, and the Truth  has a really nice scroll timeline

scroll timeline

Timelines for Homeschool

Amy from Milk and Cookies has lots of timeline resources including:

 Timeline Resources for Homeschooling History 

Teaching British-European History

Books to Supplement Any Historical Time Period for History


Why You Should Make Time for Timelines

How to Make a Simple Timeline When Space is Limited

Free Printable Timeline Notebook Pages

History Timelines for Homeschoolers by Bright Ideas Press

Types of Timelines

A timeline can be created in many different ways. You can create a wall timeline with poster board or use paper to run it around the room or up the stairs, an index card timeline, a notebook timeline, an accordion timeline, mini-timelines....the ideas are endless. Here are some examples of different types of timelines.

Wall Timeline 


Another wall timeline from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

Creating Timelines by

Timeline Cards from Sprouting Tadpoles (that's me!)

Timeline Cards by SproutingTadpoles

A timeline to stretch around your wall 


A timeline chart on a legal size file folder by City on A Hill

A timeline Chart by Our Story in Progress

Cnetury Chart LS

A Timeline Notebook by Noggins & Nonsense (such a cute blog name)


An Index Card Timeline from Homeschool in the Woods


An Accordion Timeline from love2learn2day


Another resource for accordion style timelines is Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood

Creating Timelines by

Topic Specific Timelines from Harmony Fine Arts. The timelines are from


A timeline for a specific point in history


A digital timeline ~ now this is a really cool way to keep a timeline!

A Review of Tiki-Toki Digital Timeline by Family Style Homeschooling


Add these President Trading Cards to any Timeline! from Teach Beside Me


Free from Living and Learning at Home - An Expandable Book of Centuries Timeline

timeline 3

History doesn't have to be the only timeline you create........... there are tons of different subjects and ideas for creating a timeline other than just historical events. If you are studying biology, Bright Ideas Press  has a list of Christian biologist to add to a timeline. If you are studying astronomy, create a timeline that includes these Christian astronomers. Bright Ideas Press is a great resource for timelines and timeline figures, so be sure to check out their site!

Have you considered an Art Timeline? Harmony Fine Arts has great ideas for making an art timeline. Are you studying Shakespeare? This site has information on the dates and events of his life that you could make into a great timeline. What about food? Homeschool Escapade shows us a fun way to make a timeline with cooking different foods throughout history. Some other ideas for unique timelines are: the holidays, composers timeline from Notebooking Fairy, a kids personal timeline. What about a timeline for math

Here are some ideas for a bible timeline............................Joy at Home has a great post on creating a bible timeline when reading through scripture. I really like this idea and might incorporate it into our bible study along with this timeline created by Mocha Moments.  The bible timeline card game from Living Water Bible Games would be a great addition to a bible timeline. If you need help determining some of the dates for a biblical timeline, Honour of Kings has two timelines already filed in with biblical dates and events.  The Notebooking Fairy has a Squidoo lens on bible notebooking with a ton of resources and pictures.

Timeline Clip Art Resources

Highhill Homeschool has put together a great list of free Ancient History timeline figures.

Latter-Day Learning has some great resources for figures.

Confessions of a Homeschooler has a collection of timeline figures that are black & white and can be colored in.

Homeschool in the Woods has a great product of timeline figures and a "Record of Time"  book. These items are gorgeous and well worth the money!


Currclick has several resources for timelines and timeline figures. Pricing can range from free up to $30 or $40. Geography Matters has a great article about making timelines as well as being a great resources for purchases. We own the Ultimate Geography & Timeline Guide and I refer to it often.

Purchasing Timelines and Supplies

There are several options for purchasing timelines and supplies, if you choose to go this route.

Knowledge Quest 

Geography Matters

Winter Promise 

Great Space Group

Wonders of Old

I have a Prime Membership with Amazon so I get all of my stuff shipped for free. Plus, I always compare shop before buying things and Amazon always comes up cheaper, so I am linking to some items here and maybe they will be cheaper for you as well!

Velcro for wall timeline - makes the figures removable

Cardstock for notebook timelines

Poster board for wall timelines

Prisma Pencils for coloring (they give a very vibrant color)

Washable Markers if you prefer these over pencils

and don't forget the binders for your timeline notebook

If you need more information on history dates, hop on over to my post on History Memory Work Cards and you can also use my Ancient Lands Map Set for the map timeline I created.

My Timeline Cards are great for using on timelines as your figures or for hanging on your wall in date order. They come in 4 different sizes, with lines on the back for writing summaries. 

timelinecardpromo copy


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