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sprouting tadpoles

 👋 Hey there, I'm Janeen, the proud owner of Sprouting Tadpoles! I've been on an incredible journey as a homeschooling parent for over 16 years. As the proud mom of five amazing kids, I've had to juggle quite a few hats while teaching my kids at home. I discovered the magic of using busy bags and open-and-go activities and found that these little wonders were a lifeline, helping me to balance the ups and downs of homeschooling.

I believe that learning should be a great adventure for both parents and children, making every moment a memorable one. With this inspiration, it’s my desire to create and share easy-to-use, educationally enriching activities that help you balance all of your hats! Sharing my creations with others is a labor of love, one that I hope encourages creativity and leaves lasting smiles on our children's faces.🤠

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