About Me

      Hi, I'm Janeen!

      I am a mom to 5 children that I have homeschooled for over 16 years. My three oldest kids have graduated and I currently have two still at home in 7th and 5th grade.  

Why did I start this website?

I love to create educational products that help other moms. It is my hope to bring some fun and variety to your homeschool journey. Because of my analytical nature (and accounting background), I love to research! After many years of homeschooling and researching, I have an abundance of knowledge and information collected, stored, and saved. I want to share it with other homeschool moms so that you can make the best decisions based on the right information.

If you have questions, a curriculum review request, or want information about a specific resource, you can reach me at janeen@sproutingtadpoles.com