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Body Systems Labeling Cards - PHYSICAL & DIGITAL VERSION

Body Systems Labeling Cards - PHYSICAL & DIGITAL VERSION

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Is your child learning about the human body? This easy activity offers an interactive and engaging way to understand and memorize the various systems within the human body. With 16 body systems to explore, each labeled with corresponding numbers on the back for self-correction, it facilitates memorization and fosters a deeper understanding of how these systems work together to sustain life.


  1. 16 Body Systems Cards (each card is 5"x8"): Parts of the Cell, Skeletal System, Circulatory System, Digestive System, Nervous System, Respiratory System, Endocrine System, Urinary System, Lymphatic System, Excretory System, The Heart, The Brain, Types of Muscles, The 5 Senses, Types of Tissue, & The Blood
  2. Labels for each body system
  3. Self-correcting numbers to print on the back
  4. Bag label and instructions

**For younger kids, check out my other human body activities: My Body Puzzles, Build A Body, and My Body, My Organs.

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