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Elements of the Periodic Table Coloring Cards - PHYSICAL & DIGITAL VERSION

Elements of the Periodic Table Coloring Cards - PHYSICAL & DIGITAL VERSION

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Does your creative child enjoy coloring? These Elements Coloring Cards offer a perfect blend of creativity and education, allowing for a fun exploration of the Periodic Table. They serve as an excellent resource for mastering element placement and understanding categories. Once colored, laminate or cover them with clear tape for durability, ready to be used in various games. Complete with a helpful 2-page Periodic Table for reference, this game promises entertainment and enrichment for learners of all ages.

**For more fun with elements, add my Periodic Table Game of Elements!


So many ways to play!

  1. Collect elements in a row or category by playing a version of Go Fish, 5 Card Draw, War, I Have..Who Has, Slap It! many options!
  2. Print 2 sets & play memory match
  3. Group the elements by category
  4. Build words with the elements' symbols


Included in this set:

  • 2-page Periodic Table (full color)
  • 118 Elements Coloring Cards (black & white, 2.75"x3.5" each)
  • Bag label and instructions

Digital File: A link to download the PDF file will be sent to the email used at checkout.

Physical Product + Digital: a premade, ready-to-go game that's stored in a labeled pouch. Elements cards are printed on cardstock & cut out. The Periodic Table chart is printed and laminated. Shipping will be calculated at checkout. Digital files will be emailed. 


A link to download the digital PDF file will be sent to the email address you used at checkout. Please use an email address that you can access. Physical premade and PDF digital download files are for personal use only. No commercial use or resale allowed. This product may be used within your own family or your own classroom. If you are using the product in a multiple-family, co-op group, or community, please contact me.

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