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Novel Notes Reading Journal Ages 12-14

Novel Notes Reading Journal Ages 12-14

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The Novel Notes Literature Notebook for ages 12 - 14 is the perfect tool to help readers improve their critical thinking and analytical skills. This journal is designed to introduce your reader to great literature through the use of writing prompts, charts, and drawing activities. Perfect for all types of students, your reader will develop a deeper appreciation for literature analysis to aid them through the high school years. **The Treasure Island book is not included**


Each page of the journal provides a framework for analyzing a book or story, along with a reading log, a reading tracker, a reading planner, and more!


  • Improve reading comprehension and analytical skills.
  • Identify story elements such as character, setting, plot, and theme.
  • Identify & document literary devices in a story.
  • Build vocabulary skills.
  • Engage critical thinking skills and connect events.
  • Apply personal thoughts and connections to characters.
  • Provide an outlet for creativity and self-expression. 


What's Inside:

  • 154 pages of writing prompts, charts, and drawing activities to record, review, and analyze up to ten books.
  • Table of Contents - keep journal pages organized.
  • Key Code - organize book notes by using shorthand codes.
  • Reading List - a reading log to track and rate each book.
  • Reading Planner - plan all reading for the year along with essays and reports.
  • Daily Reading Tracker - track daily reading progress and develop a consistent reading habit.
  • 14 Designated Pages Per Book - review and analyze up to ten books with pages for character sketch, character map, setting, plot, theme, and more.
  • Chapter Summary - wrap up each chapter by summarizing chapters, character actions, recording events, or personal thoughts.
  • Quotes Page - record favorite quotes.
  • Wrap-up Pages - wrap up each book with final thoughts. Wrap up the year with reading stats and rating favorite books, characters, authors, and more.
  • Vocabulary Pages - build vocabulary skills by recording unknown words.
  • World Map - a visual tool for tracking the books read. 


These reading journals are available in physical print form only. If it is "out of stock" in my shop, it can be purchased on Amazon using the links below. 



** If you need a journal for younger kids, these Reading Journals are for ages 8-12 and these Reading Journals are for high school.**



Physical products and PDF digital download files are for personal use only. No commercial use or resale allowed. This product may be used within your own family or your own classroom. If you are using the product in a multiple-family, co-op group, or community, please contact me.

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